Write Meta Tags That Will Increase Your SEO Ranking and Traffic

How To Write Super Effective Title and Description Meta Tags

Meta tags description and title have been one of the most basic elements of SEO.

An optimized title and description will increase your click through rate and will improve traffic and ranking.

So how can you write a super effective title and description tags?

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What’s a title tag?

A title tag known as meta tag title is an HTML element that specifies the title of a web page.

Google displays the title tag in their search results as a clickable headline.

Code Sample:

 <title>Example Title</title>


Example of title tag
Example of title tag

Title Length

Title tag length should be 50-60 characters.

Don’t forget to review the title and description tags before going live.

If you use WordPress you can use Yost SEO plugin or search Google for ‘title tag review’ and find tools such as:

What is a meta description?

Meta description tag is an HTML element that provides a summary of a web page.


Description tag example
Description tag example

Description Length

The optimal length for description tag is 160 characters.

[alert-note]PRO TIP: Make sure your title and description tags are interesting and describing your page in the most accurate and interesting way.

Don’t mislead or use unrelated information, keep it clear and easy to understand.[/alert-note]

What’s Click-through rate (CTR)

Click-through rate (CTR) is a metric that measures the number of clicks per total impressions.

For example: if someone searched for ‘your brand name’  for 10 times and click twice on your site, your CTR will be 2 / 10 = 20%.

CTR Formula is the number of clicks/impressions, if you will get high CTR you will:

  1. Increase your traffic to your site
  2. Improve your ranking

[alert-note]Clicks / Impressions = CTR[/alert-note]

Why CTR affects your SEO ranking?

Google main interest is to provide users relevant content, based on what they are searching for there are ways to determinate if a web page is relevant and one of the major

Google main interest is to provide users relevant content based on what they are searching for. There are ways to determinate if a web page is relevant and one of the major metrics that Google use to define relevancy is CTR.

If people will click on your results, it means your site is more relevant compared to other websites, so if you will improve your CTR you will also improve your site ranking.

[alert-note]PRO TIP: No matter if you are doing SEO optimization or managing a PPC campaign you should always try to increase your CTR.

This is one of the most important metrics to look for in every online marketing campaign.[/alert-note]


How to see my CTR?

You can see your CTR at Google Webmaster Tools.

Follow this guide:

  1. Log-in to your webmaster tools account and select the relevant property.

    Step 1: Login and select property.
    Step 1: Login and select property.
  2. From the left menu under Search Traffic click on Search Analytics

    Click on search analytics
    Click on search analytics
  3. Filter and compare your result by selecting impressions, position, and queries.
    For date range select the Last 90 days.Filter Results

Now, download the report to excel/google drive and sort the results by position (ascending).

Filter the results between position 1 to 10, there is no point to try to optimize CTR for low ranked pages since they will not get enough impressions.

When done your report should look similar to:

Filtered search results reports
Filtered search results reports

[alert-note]Double check the actual Google search results to make sure your ranking is up-to-date and your site is ranked in the top 10 for this specific keywords. [/Alert-note]

So after you follow the steps above, you have a report with all your pages ranked in the top 10 results.

Now we are going to check AdWords advertisers, why?

Read below.

Read below.


AdWords Advertisers

Around 80% of Google revenue coming from AdWords.

Google 2017 Revenue
Brought you by BBC.co.uk Source: Google 2015 annual report (submitted to US Securities and Exchange Commission)

Paid ads ranking and pricing is affected by CTR mainly because of this two reasons:

  1. Like in organic results Google wants to increase relevancy and improve results
  2. Google wants to make a lot of $$$ and the better the CTR is the higher their revenue gets.

For this main reasons advertisers spend billions of dollars for A/B testing and optimizing their ads.

If an advertiser will improve his CTR, he will get more traffic and his cost per click (CPC) will be lower and that’s exactly what advertisers want to achieve.


Chuck Norris approves meme gif



Now, after Chuck Norris approves.

Let’s assume you are doing SEO for a life insurance website.

You just about to do an on-page optimization for your index page, for this example, your main keyword will be ‘life insurance‘.

Now let’s use Google ad preview tool to take a look at the relevant AdWords advertisers.

First select the relevant location, language, device, and domain.

In this example I’ve selected the following:

Adwords ad preview search results selection
AdWords ad preview search results selection


Now search for our main keyword ‘life insurance‘.we can now see Total of 7 ads: 4 ads at the top of the page + 3 ads at the bottom of the page.

We can now see a total of 7 ads: 4 ads at the top of the page + 3 ads at the bottom of the page.

Let’s examine the ad that appears in position #1:

Position 1 AdWords Ad






What can we learn from this ad?

Well, first of all, you can clearly see that the advertiser is focusing on ‘Life Insurance Quotes‘ and he is also mentioned price in the headline and in his site links:

Example of advertiser site links within AdWords ad.
An example of advertiser site links within AdWords ad.

So by the first look, we can understand that pricing can be very appealing to people who search for life insurance.

Let’s continue – if you will take a look closely you will notice this advertiser is using AdWords structured snippets he chooses to write:

Types: Level Term, Decreasing Term, Critical Illness Cover.

We can assume that the insurance types he selects are the most popular for people who search for life insurance so we can add them to our title and description tags.

So now we are ready to write our meta tags, for our title we are going to use a price related CTA and add the most popular insurance types.

So now we have our title and description in place, and you can see that:

Our final Google search result
Our final Google search result
  1. We managed to insert our main keyword ‘Life Insurance’ at the title and description
  2. We mentioned both Prices & Quotes
  3. We add our Brand name for branding and creating trust
  4. We added all the popular life insurance types

By doing this small research you can increase your CTR very easily.


There you have it if you want to write an effective title and description tags and to improve your CTR this guide can help you.

However, always keep in mind that this takes time and consistent effort. You will have to work hard to improve your ranking and grow your market share.

As always, make sure to comment and write your feedback!

Tal Haguel writes about paid online marketing topics including paid search, display, retargeting, SEO and paid social. With 10+ years of marketing experience, Tal Haguel has held both agency and in-house management positions.

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