All You Need To Know About AdWords Editor 12

AdWords Editor 12

On June 29th Google released AdWords Editor 12  unlike previous versions AdWords editor 12 includes many new features. There is no doubt the significant changes allows advertisers to better manage their campaigns .

Google official twitter post about AdWords Editor 12:

So let’s continue and understand how Google managed to improve their editor, again.

But First, History…

AdWords editor was firstly introduce 16 years ago in October 23, 2000. The editor has been released to give advertisers two main options:

  1. The ability to create and modify campaigns offline.
  2. Managing and control big accounts.

Using the editor, advertisers can upload multiple campaigns and create bulk changes to their account. In fact without the AdWords editor it was impossible to manage a decent account.

[alert-note] Fact #1 – Once Google released a new version, the previous version will be supported by Google only for 4 months to allow advertisers to get the last version.[/alert-note]

AdWords Editor v12 Accounts Manager Window
The new design of the account manager window on the AdWords Editor v12

AdWords Editor 12 Main Features

A new look and feel

If you are used to  work with previous version, you will immediately notice the new look and feel. The new design is similar to other Google products and in a way it’s very similar to the new AdWords interface. 

New Adwords Interface
New Adwords Interface

Custom Rules

With custom rules you can defined different rules that will help you follow your best practices.

For example if you decided to follow Google recommendation and make sure all your campaigns will have 4 site links you can now define this as a new rule and get notifications if needed.

Custom alerts in AdWords editor 12
Custom alerts in AdWords editor 12

For more information visit AdWords editor help.

Faster Account Download

We already knows that the AdWords editor is not excelling in fast  download whether you download your account for the first time or using the ‘get recent changes‘ option.

According to Google release note, Adwords Editor 12 will improve the download process by transferring more data compared to previous versions.

More image and videos for UAC campaigns

You can now includes and update up to 20 images and videos for universal app campaigns. This will allow you to create or edit your UAC campaigns better and faster.

Maximum conversions bidding

You can now add or edit maximum conversions bidding at the campaign level. This in addition to existing bidding options:

  • Manual CPC bidding
  • Portfolio bid strategies
  • Manual CPM bidding
  • Manual CPV bidding
  • Target CPA bidding

Responsive ads optional fields

You probably already using the relative new responsive ads in addition to the existing fields AdWords editor 12 support the following fields:

  • Price prefix
  • Promotion text
  • Call to action text
  • 4:1 logo


Three years passed from last AdWords editor release. It’s clear that Google work hard on the new design to align it with other Google products and make sure it will be similar to the new AdWords interface.The new version really improved overall experience and it’s still by far the best ads editor exist today especially if you compare it to Facebook power editor or Microsoft Bing editor.

If you already used the new version share your feedback with me using the comments section below.


Tal Haguel writes about paid online marketing topics including paid search, display, retargeting, SEO and paid social. With 10+ years of marketing experience, Tal Haguel has held both agency and in-house management positions.

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